What is Lean?

Lean is the world’s most wide-spread leadership philosophy that is utilised in all fields of business. Improved awareness has also increased interest towards Lean in Finland, and several companies have already begun to apply the theories of Lean to practice. The key aspects of Lean are a focus on customer value, the elimination of waste, the continuous improvement of operations and a respect for people.

Background of Lean

Lean is originally based on Toyota’s code of conduct. Lean has mainly been utilised through its methods and tools, but a comprehensive culture of continuous improvement has rarely been achieved, because the experiential understanding of the Lean philosophy has been insufficient. However, the majority of Finnish companies and their employees still do not know what Lean is or what it is all about.

Productivity through Lean

The principles, methods and tools of Lean allow businesses to achieve amazing results in terms of improved productivity and competitiveness. The basic goal of Lean is to achieve more with the same input.

Job satisfaction through Lean

Understanding Lean culture and Lean leadership is the key through which a culture of continuous improvement can be successfully created. This, in turn, has a positive impact on job satisfaction and well-being at work, which play a crucial role in terms of how well employees cope at work.

Lean Culture - tuottavuuden kasvu ja kilpailukyvyn parantaminen