Productivity and job satisfaction through Lean

Lean Culture Oy is a coaching company founded in 2014 that aims to help companies and communities to improve their productivity, job satisfaction and well-being at work. Lean Culture provides support, coaching and training for its clients in terms of the principles, methods and tools of Lean leadership. It also familiarises clients with a leadership culture of continuous improvement.

Lean leadership is based on the globally renowned Toyota Production System that can be applied to the working environment of just about any company or community whether it be in production, financing, insurance, logistics, services or public administration.

The founder of the company, Heikki Pöri, has more than 27 years of experience from working with Toyota. During this time, he has gained knowledge and experience concerning Lean from a number of Toyota’s training programmes and from practical, operational work as the Managing Director of Toyota Finance and the Vice President of Toyota’s imports. Consequently, the starting point of Lean Culture is to illustrate the Lean philosophy through practical examples.

Lean Culture Oy
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